Do you feel depressed? Depression is different from just feeling down or “blue”. Depression can occur because of the circumstances that you find yourself in life or they may be biologically based. People who are depressed tend to ruminate on their problems (sometimes on the depression itself), they feel bad most of the day, lose interest in activities they used to enjoy, have a rapid change in sleep patterns, lose or gain weight suddenly without trying, have trouble concentrating, and can be preoccupied with thoughts of death or suicide.

Depression can take many forms including getting angry more often than usual, drinking more than what is healthy, spending less time with people you love, and losing interest in activities. You do NOT need to feel this way all the time. Many clients come into counseling not wanting to take medication for their depression (they may feel it is a “sign of weakness” or have a history of medication overuse and want to avoid that issue; many have taken medication before and found it didn’t work or made them feel “like a zombie”). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been shown to be as effective as medication. Get help for depression now.

Tips for coping with depression:

– Reach out and stay socially connected

– Do things that make you feel good (except alcohol and illicit drugs)

– Get moving- exercise

– Eat a healthy diet

– Get a daily dose of sunlight

– Challenge negative thing

– Seek help from a professional 

Let us help you with your depression issues. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ page on the website, or contact us at 615-538-7111 for more information.