Couples and Marriage Counseling


Couples counseling and marriage counseling can help couples facing a variety of problems. Are you suffering from problems in your relationship? Many couples go to counseling to help with issues such as consistent arguments, poor communication, difficulty in raising children, dissatisfaction with sex life, or maybe feeling distant from their partner (“they just feel like my roommate”).

Couples counseling can help in several ways. One, a couple will build communication skills by understanding how they use verbal and non-verbal cues to communicate, as well as how their partner takes those cues and communicates back. Many times, it is a misunderstanding in the communication patterns that can cause problems for a couple. Two, the counselor will help each partner focus on the one thing they have control over… themselves! Many couples use blame-shifting, redirection, and other types of manipulation in order to justify their own behavior in the relationship, but stop focusing on what they can do differently.

Couples counseling could also be used as preventive medicine (to get tools for communication, expression of feelings, and problem-solving). Couples and marriage counseling is not for everyone. Some people would be better off getting separated or divorced. Marriage with one partner is not always successful, and that’s okay. People change. Expectations change. Couples and marriage counseling can assist couples to find the least painful way to disengage.

Sometimes one party is more reluctant to say “good-bye” than the other, and your counselor may assist the resistant partner to accept the changes that are occurring. It is also not uncommon for couples to have unrealistic expectations of their counseling. They expect quick results, but this is not possible. Why? Because couples have usually been working on their problems for a long time, so it will likely take some time to heal.

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