Career Counseling Franklin TN

Career Counseling


Are you dissatisfied with your job? Looking for something new, or maybe just looking to refresh your outlook at your current job? People are working longer hours at work, despite the fact that technology was supposed to reduce that amount and make us more efficient. Career counseling can help.

Job dissatisfaction is high, and people are feeling social pressures to perform well, perform for a long time, and still have energy and time to spend on other life issues (kids, family, and friends). Unlike the past, you will not likely work for the same company into retirement.

Companies are cutting back employees and benefits, while employee disloyalty rises. You spend 35% of your lifetime at work… shouldn’t it feel more rewarding to you? Career-counseling and coaching can help you with your work/life problems. We can help you with not just work issues, but all areas that your work life can affect.