You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Hangry

Navigate Life Radio 71: You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Hangry

I talk about the term “hangry”, how it is now officially a word, what it means, and what to do about it. I also talk about how the news is making you ill… literally.

Angry People Not As Smart As They Think

Navigate Life Radio 70: Angry People Not As Smart As They Think

I go over some new research showing how angry people overestimate their intelligence, but may not be as smart as they think they are.

Why It Seems Everyone Is Angry With You

I talk about how we can misread faces as angry, even when they aren’t. Also, a Japanese wife’s interesting method of asking her husband to help with anger.

Dealing With Mortality

Navigate Life Radio 68: Dealing With Our Own Mortality
(yes, I know the vid reads 67… my mistake)

Coping with thoughts of our own death is common in counseling. Those thoughts can morph into anxiety. I give my thoughts on mortality and how to distinguish between feelings of fear and anxiety about it, and how best to cope.

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Humble Narcissism

Navigate Life Radio 67: Humble Narcissism

Narcissism has long been seen as a stable (consistent) personality. But what if there were subtle aspects of that personality that could allow for a strong, highly competent person with leadership abilities?