How Does Exercise Reduce Anxiety?

Navigate Life Radio 55: How Does Exercise Reduce Anxiety?

We all know that exercise helps reduce anxiety and panic. But do you know *how* it helps? I talk about how exercise (both physical and relaxation exercises) helps our body reduce anxious symptoms.

Dealing With Summer Stress

Navigate Life 54: I talk about the stress that we incur naturally when the heat gets bad, and how this can impact us mentally in a negative way.

Does Money Buy Happiness? Yes! About $100K.

Navigate Life 53: In this episode I talk about how research has shown that money can actually buy happiness. But there’s a limit to the amount of money, and after that it’s not doing you much good.

Why Am I Attracted to “Crazy”?!

Navigate Life Radio 52: I talk about our attraction to people who seem to treat us well or badly at random times. We can frustrated with the relationship (and ourselves), but I discuss why this happens and how to recognize when it’s time to get out.

3 Types of Lies

Navigate Life Radio 51: I talk about lies of commission, omission, and assent, and how not understanding these can mess with healthy communication in a relationship.