No Need to Rush

Navigate Life Radio 61: No Need to Rush!

I talk about we rush more during the holidays with shopping, work, school, traffic, even our own counseling, and how now is the time we shouldn’t be!

Stop Avoiding Pain!

Navigate Life Radio 60: Stop Avoiding Pain

We are built to avoid pain, but in many instances, avoiding pain is only causing us more pain. I talk about what is happening to us when we do this and why we should be learning to tolerate more pain.

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People Aren’t Honest

Navigate Life Radio 59: People Aren’t Honest

People aren’t honest with the way they think and feel about situations and relationships. This leads to a lack of honesty, transparency, and vulnerability, and ultimately to unhappiness. How do you change this? Listen in on the show!

The Problems with Texting

Navigate Life Radio 58: The Problems with Texting

I discuss the benefits we get from texting, but it comes with issues that can create miscommunication and wreck relationships if not used in the right way.

Women Process, Men Fix

Navigate Life Radio 57: Women Process, Men Fix

While it’s not always the case, the tendency is for women to process through problems, while men want to fix them. This can cause a rift in a relationship. But due to the feminization of therapy, the focus has been on getting men to learn to process. But that’s only half of the goal. The couple that can learn to process *and* fix will be the most successful.